Create the perfect class website in 30 minutes or less

Every teacher should have their own class website to keep students and parents up-to-date.

Even more important is keeping this website updated regularly – ideally on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t worry about this just yet, there are tips at the end on how to make the regular updates easily possible.

First, let’s walk through the steps of setting up your site and what all should be included.

Step 1 – Get a blog

Blogs make the perfect class website because they are easy to update and have subscription features built right in.

Of course, we recommend Edublogs as the best tool for your class website, and the steps outlined here will be specific to Edublogs. However, much of the advice works well for other blog services too.

Once your blog has an established audience you’re less likely to want to change your blog URL. Ideally you want to keep your blog URL short, easy to remember and suitable to be reused for several years.

A simple option is to use your name in the blog URL like this:

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